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goodnight :)
Tuesday, 17 July 2012 | 07:13 | 0 comments

hulahula :) here i am. rajinn nak update sebab dah habis buat keja. btw, wanna talk about mr.weirdo. he managed tomakeme happy, smile, giving me hope and laughin' through his text. but i wonder why, why he dare to do it all. he said maybe he needs friend like i do.ya, i felt lonely, isolated too :'( but guess what? with the presence of himin this life, i felt i can be more independent. from him, i felt that i have a brother that is totally care for me. one more thing, i love his voice ! he always sing some songs for me when he's free. awwww, sweet isn't it? btw, that's all for tonite. #this is only a textual text to finish the nite ! XD i'm sleepy oredy. so gudnite all ! GBU :* bigggyyyy love, slyviadorastalia. <3

berdebuuuuu !
Thursday, 12 July 2012 | 01:01 | 0 comments
kat atas tu gamba baru kiteee xD lama dah tak bukak blog ni  mana tak berdebu.tak sapu tak mop, hihi berbulan-bulan lamanya. well, i dont have enough time to post here. maaf2 ! but there's a lot of things had happen in this bulan2 lamenyerr. haha. i have break up, that is totally giving me freedom. yeahhh x baek la main paksa2 nie. kalau org dah tak nak tu jgn la paksa.kang kena sepak baru tahu. hihi tapi kan, break process of mine is not that easy la, nak explain why, merayu-rayu. eikkk, minta break pun kena merayu jugak tau. lol btw, i start my single life with crush here and there. menggataila tuuu. cakap pasal single ni, since when pulak aku ni double. aku sentiasa single la. haha. thre is no other slyvia dora stalia. i am who i am. toewwww itu aje untuk hari nie. lain kali kite cite lagi ekk. tata
solar car and me !!!!
Wednesday, 11 April 2012 | 00:11 | 0 comments
i'm stress goin through this solar car competition. bullshitttt. seriously, all of us don't know whether wanna carry on til the competition or not. this was like doing useless thing with no hope to win. there is no point we have there. urrrgggghhhhh ! oh gosh, what to do?? then i have complicated relationship nowwww. It's hard to find a fullstop here. i felt like i'm  saying stuffy rite now. yeahhh, that's me. the mumbling girl :')
long long hye bye =)
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 | 07:56 | 0 comments
Hula hula all. It had been long time I'm not in here. Kinda bored tonite thats why I'm goin through this perfectly imperfect blog. 2012 start a a huge busy moment I ever had. Friends are there always all around with me. Sports, choral speaking, drama and netball. All those things do occupied my freetime. Only now holiday I can relax and calm down my mind. It should be called as realax. XD And most important things is my full schedule make my exams come second. I have to take my exams after holiday while people will find out their mark and doing correction in the class. Damn. Tonite, i have conflict. Guess with who?? with him laa. He's there in his village and i'm here aloneeee ='( I miss u Mr. EDW . That's all for tonite. tata 
Don't judge a book by its cover.
Wednesday, 9 November 2011 | 05:23 | 0 comments
books cover. hmm, ya dont judge a book by its cover. when u just look on one's phisically, you'll not automatically know all about him/her. I hate when people act like they know all about us but actually they didn't. It'll make people felt annoyed. well, now many people do like fake themself. some of people in this world love to talk bad about other although they don't know about people that they talk at. that we can call damn pile of shit. And else i don't like people givin over their irritating idea or advice for unsuitable condition pr dilemma that we had. yet,u just know about his/her name, but u don't know what they had. U just know what's their story but u  dont know what theyhad going through. so, just keep ur fuck off! look at above picture. i wonder can u know obviously about the girl in the picture without having any conversations or discussion?? now, think about it.
wakakaka wakikikikikiki! birthday yo!
Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 23:59 | 0 comments
heeeeeellllllloooooowwwwww semuaaaaa! saya seorang budak yang sudah mencapai umur 15 tahun sekarang.tarikh tetapnya umur sebagai seorang yang berumur 15 tahun ialah pada s November 2011 yang lalu.ehe..tapi, birthday kali ini tidak seperti tahun lalu. There is no present and birthday song from my bestiest. huh, anyway nasib baik la my ladyboss a.k.a mamy tercinta, mdm. Stalia Ubong balik ke bintulu sebelum hari tersebut..adala penghibur hati yang hampa ini..hehe. =D..sambut birthday pulak kat longhouse..first time sambut kat sana..malangnya tak sambut pada hari tersebut terpaksa sambut 6hb..sebab ada orang kawen padahari tersebut..heheh..punya la seronok bila dapat sambut kat longhouse..cousin-mazen semua ada waktu tu...heheh...tak pasal2 merekabuat muka saya merah padan..berlari macam keretapi mengelilingi say..maluma..semua mata tertumpu kat saya..saya jadi macam tunggul berdiri kat tengah2..huh...keknya pulak perisa vannila..favourite gitu!!its a Tiramisu!awww!heheh...licin keknya sayang..bukan dimakan tapi digunakan untuk memalit muka masing-maisng...begitula gelagat saudara mara kuyang penuh dengan kegilaan mereka...sepotong kek saja saya dapat makan...hari tu saya tido awal..sebab flu..makan ubat flu then terus nya hari tu..sampai termimpi-mimpi aku dibuatnya..

slyvia sayangss :)
Slyvia say HI =D
Friday, 4 November 2011 | 01:12 | 0 comments

heyyy:) It had been silence here. And now, after a long time, I had decided to post here. *ikut mood*..urmm..ok, now I just wanna say somethin' new about me. *I'm taken* by whom? lets we talk about him..he was my special sharky..ohh, when he ask me..would I like to his gf..I think alot that time. Then, I answered him with a question, "did you serious about this?'..he said he do..i think and think and think..then I say yes :) The best part about us is the nickname of us..a little bit and him=sharky..I dont know why he like that name so much.well, for now i'm happy with him..he is my friend and bf..2 in 1 babe :: thats all for love love:) eh wait! yet he is the that strict about honesty and loyalty..he know how to pujuk me very well also . byeeee..

                                                                                                                             Much love,